Dirty Dream #72

I recently had a dream. I dreamt I’d come alone with a blue suitcase in a hotel. I don’t remember exactly where this hotel was, but I knew I should stay there for some reason. While the porter was taking my bag to his room, the receptionist gave me an Embratur file to fill out. When I gave it back, he said:

Mr. Marcus? You’re being expected.

What do you mean, I thought. nobody knew I was coming here. The journey was impulsive. I asked the receptionist:

Am I being expected? By whom?

By yourself. Room 1603.

I don’t know why, but in the dream I didn’t find it so absurd to be expected by myself.

Strangely, I took the elevator without thinking of anything. Meeting myself would be a rather strange thing, but I wasn’t too worried about it.

I put the card in the door and went into the room without knocking. I saw an old man sitting on the bed, looking down. He must have been over 70. He wore glasses and white hair. From the same door I said:

Hey, i’m sorry.

He raised his head and looked in my direction, without speaking. He took a piece of paper that was next to him on the bed and reached out towards me. I got the paper. It was a suicide note. I don’t remember exactly what was written; just the last sentence: “At the end of the day, just lego the nothing to anyone”.

– Why is that?

I’m done with life. I made this appointment with you so you wouldn’t do what I did.

What do you mean, you don’t know?

He started talking and I felt a vertigo. As I passed out, I woke up sweaty in my bed.

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