Month: April 2020

No Sábado

On Saturday you forced me to remember something. Something I’d forgotten and that, therefore, no longer mattered. And this thing wasn’t the scroll lock function.

22 months ago and one day I sent an email (des?) necessary and (only now I see) somewhat cruel to you. And I had completely forgotten this email by Saturday. On this day you reminded me of his existence, but not of his exact contents. I got it back yesterday and saw that it was worse than I thought.

At first I found it shocking what I had written. But I tried to remember the circumstances in which the e-mail was made. And a succession of memories, good and bad, came back to me. I read, reread and read again for the third time and, despite the cruelty contained in it, the almost gratuitousness of the aggression contained there, I found it necessary.

Necessary because he, modesty aside, is well written. He makes it very clear what feelings I had. It’s a kind of exorcism, something I needed to say to someone and i ended up finding the receiver and the way to do it. It was very hard to write and it must have been even harder for you, who read it. But I needed this. I needed to say everything that was stuck. As the Belle and Sebastian would say at the end of Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying,

Into the windows of my lovers
They never know unless I write
“This is no declaration,
I just thought I’d let you know goodbye”
Said the hero in the story
“It is mightier than swords
I could kill you sure
But I could only make you cry with these words”

I could kill you for sure, but I could just make you cry with these words.

And that’s what I did. No regrets. So unrepentant that I couldn’t remember what I had written. If you hadn’t reminded me, the e-mail would have remained forever quiet, untouched. I don’t feel bad about anything I wrote.

So that was it. Now that I’ve reread the contents of the three printed pages (and I’ve noticed that at some points I was really right), I’m more relaxed. It was horrible things, yes, but none of that was a lie. Some things have changed, but let’s stay the way we are. It’s better that way.

To complement, St. Augustine, in The Free Will:

Anyway, there’s only guilt in case one being refuses to be what he had the power to be if he wanted to. And because then it’s about refusing a good that’s been given to you, the soul becomes guilty.

I Kill Zombie Infected Villagers

Since the weekend I have dedicated myself to a new purpose in life: to finish Resident Evil 4. You know, it’s a personal matter. If I got this in Metal Gear, a game in which humans must be eliminated, why couldn’t I eliminate zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas? It should be a lot easier.

Resident Evil is very well done. The soundtrack, ambiance, graphics, gameplay and how the camera positions itself in the scenarios contribute to making the experience richer. The only problem is the emo hair of the protagonist of the game, Leon Scott Kennedy, a guy with great chances of dying, thanks to his famous kinship.

I believe that the game takes place in Spain, because the back of the game box says that the events take place in Europe and the zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas speak Spanish. I confess that it was quite strange to be following dialogues in English and, suddenly, to hear shouts like ¡Es el forastero!, ¡Mátenlo! and ¡Te voy a hacer picadillo!.

A big problem I’ve always faced in the other versions of Resident Evil I’ve played is the ammo. This one’s no different. It has to be saved as there are not enough bullets to kill all the zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas. Depending on where you hit, it takes up to 6 bullets to kill a cheap zombie villager infected with Las Plagas! To work around this problem, I developed a special technique. I keep a distance from my target, long enough for him to see me and start getting closer. If he comes running, I expect him to stay 10 or 10 feet away. Right now, I shoot you in the knees. It only takes one or two shots for him to fall. Then I approach and I kill him. If he comes walking, I walk away and I hope he runs after me to perform the maneuver described above.

Of course this method only works when they appear from 1 in 1 or at most 2 in 2. When the thing thickens and several appear at once, the solution is to take my 12 caliber and blow their heads off. I’ve already managed to kill 3 zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas with only 1 shot. Generally firing 2 or 3 to end up with n-1 zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas in a group of n zombie villagers infected with Las Plagas, where n≤5.

And Resident Evil rekindled in me the taste for terror, let’s say, more gore. In addition to the Coffin Joe movies I’m downloading, I found a pearl in the e-mule: Cannibal Holocaust. Draw the synopsis of the film:

Classic of Italian-Colombian terror/splatter filmed in 1979 in the Amazon jungle, about cannibal Indians, depraved European tourists and the brutal border army in Colombia.

A movie like this can’t be bad. The trailer proves: